Week 8- This is A Game

I    always considered games, specifically video games,  to be this mindless thing that people do for entertainment, a waste of time and brainpower.  Growing up, I    was never much of a video game kind of girl, I'd rather play games like Monopoly, and Dominoes, games that forced actual human interactions. This was before technology became a thing that no one can function without. When the iPod touch came out, that is when I    realized that I    did like video games, handheld ones. Tap Tap Revolution and Temple Run sucked in my whole generation.  Then Kim Kardashian happened. She revolutionized the shallowness of social media and the addictive qualities of game play and designed Kim Kardashian Hollywood. I    lived and breathed this game for at least 3 months consecutively. 

In class my group played the Little Alchemy game. Another addicting game. I    was hellbent on discovering/creating new things. It gave me a new take on game play as well as uncovered a very competitive side to me. 


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