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My blog is a little late but its here ! The DDA's this week definitely were fun to do. The numbers one made me more aware of the things that I'd usually overlook.  As kids i    think we notice more palindromes and fun things to do with numbers (like when you look at the time and the numbers are the same date as your birthday. ) Even though the DDA included and required the use of social media , it really made me look at real life as well. I    thought I    was really cool.

          Looking at all of the Gifs online made me laugh hard. this is by far my favorite one ( because I    LOVE Tyra Banks and America's Next Top Model


  1. It's really good to see you on the board with this post. Something is not quite right with the media here, all I see is a red and blue square.

    A question I ask all students are, if I knew nothing of you or this class, and this was the only thing I saw on your blog, would I understand what it is about? Writing on the web means helping your audience know what you are writing about, and that is done quite well with adding some hyperlinks to your text, e.g. to the announcement for the work you are showing in the blog.

    Likewise, please link to (or learn how to copy the embed code for your tweet) to your DDAs. I and a blog reader cannot see or access your work; this link might help:

    I know you are just getting started, but your post for the week should be able to show not only what you did, but what you think about the activities we do in class (well when we are able to have a class, sorry again for the confusion this week), but this week is meant too ask you to think more broadly about what GIFs can communicate beyond the ones we see regularly in social media (nothing against Tyra).

    You might get a sense of how how to do this from what and how you see other students blogging

    The door is wide open to how you represent your week, but I do like to see a bit more reflective writing and thinking than a few sentences. Stay with it!


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