What I Learned in Net Nar Is!!

In all honesty, I    struggled so much throughout the Network Narrative course. Being a digital alchemist is hard when you come into something  just to find out you know little -to nothing about the digital world you thought you were so familiar with. I    remember my first day of class I    was so overwhelmed when I    came in to find not a physical professor, but a screen. This was the first course in fours years of attending Kean University, that I  'd taken like this. However,  I    learned so much about the digital world and my professor wasn't even in the room.
              Firstly, I  'd like to acknowledge that I've made several mistakes with submitting course work, even till this day, but Alan, our professor, was so patient and understanding with me. Though he wasn't  physically in the room he did everything he could to assist us throughout the course including conference video calls, and through his proxies Marissa and Hailey.

I  developed a love for GIFs and memes, along with an understanding of how to create them. During this course I became a digital artist, game developer and meme connoisseur.  Though difficult, I    enjoyed facing every alchemist task assigned with my best foot forward. My favorite portion of the course was definitely the DDAs. It fascinating because each one made me look at a different aspect of digital and natural reality differently. They were humorous and fun because I  got to tweet them instead of writing the conventional boring paper and submitting it. 
Redlining was another one of my favorite topics for this course. I'm very passionate about social justice and redlining is another facet of it that I    was able to explore in this course. Alan provided tons of resources on different topics for us to explore with. Without this course I'd had never felt the exigence to search for these topics and discover the things I    did.  I    loved it for making me realize so many things--in this case about traffic cams and license plate readers in urban areas.
           Prior to this class I never thought I    was a video game sort of person, However, I    did uncover my competitive spirit during our unit on gameplay. I    actually LOVE games and had convinced myself I    didn't because eI was too busy for them. This portion of class was nostalgic for me, as we played PacMan, childhood memories filled my mind and almost brought me to tears.  Courses like these prove to be some of the most memorable in college because they push you while creating memories. 



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