Week 12 Bot, Not, What?

Okay so, I  hate twitter bots. Its all fun and games with twitter bots until its time so create your own I    have a new appreciation for the people and algorithms behind twitter bots. I    found the tsk of creating my own twitter bot extremely difficult and draining. I am not good with technology at all, so learning this was very difficult for me. I'm not sure what exactly went wrong with my bot, but I    received several emails saying there was some sort of error, which was devastating after putting so much work into those spreadsheets. But I    was able to receive some insightful tweets from my classmates bots. I    was super happy that they were able to have successful bots that even mentioned me in their tweets.

While I  was not great a creating my own bot, I wasn't too shabby detecting which tweets were from bots, and which were not. I  made each guess based on what I    felt a computer would understand vs. what a human would. Here were my results from the Bot or Not quiz.  I    tweeted it out.


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