Week 11 -Digital Redlining

I   knew that redlining existed but I never knew that there was a name for it. I    found this weeks discoveries fascinating. As I  am the Vice President for the Black Student Union on campus, I    find redlining to be an issue that excites me to learn about. The technology I    picked to focus on this week were traffic cameras in specific areas in New Jersey. I learned that in more urban areas, the amount of traffic cams, including speed cameras, stoplight cameras, even license plate readers

, are found at much more frequent places and there are a lot of them, the area  I looked at was Newark. There were so many working cameras to catch offenses, while in other less urban areas, there were a lot of traffic camera's but most of them were turned of or not working. One might question why the difference in volumes of traffic cams between the two areas? Is it based or discrimination, is it because high population cities & "urban"areas have high crime rates? OR is law enforcement simply looking harder for violations in these areas?


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