Alchemist week 4 - One Does Not Simply Make NetNarr Memes

Black Mirror is one of my favorite shows on Netflix right now. The way it highlights the flaws in our society is unconventional ways is fascinating. The Nosedive episode we watched in class is one that I'd seen before and probably my favorite one. It speaks to how shallow our society is and how insignificant the things we place value on are. I  never realized how desperate we are for the approval of others. We literally are so open to expressing our true feelings on the internet with the protection of a screen. The characters in the show that were rating the main character didn't actually directly confront her about their grievances or offer constructive criticism, they just went straight to their phones.

The story could've gone in a different direction because the main character could've become clinically depressed. Essentially, people were cyberbullying her, and cyberbullying often tragically results in suicide or other forms of self harm.  This episode was a great way to tell our society about ourselves. I look forward to finally watching season 2!

I    definitely think that memes are digital are. They are created digitally, and they reflect actual human expression. Thats the essence of art: to capture a feeling or experience, memes do that exactly.


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