Alchemist Week 5

Alright, on this weeks episode of Adventures in Net Narr, we learned about the power of the selfie. This generation definitely reveres the selfie. There is a sacred process that involves the composition of a selfie and deeming its "post-ability."
Step 1: Prep- think about your mood and what message you'd like to convey with this picture, because we all know, selfies are more than just a picture,theyre a reflection of you--your attitude-- what you want people to see you as.
Step 2: Tryouts- You take a bunch of pictures with different poses and faces, and accumulate a satisfactory collection to choose from.
Step 3: First Draft Picks- You literally DRAFT your pictures, figure out and narrow down which ones youre feeling and 86 the ones you aren't.
Step 4: Send them to the Groupchat For the Stamp of approval. I  do this faithfully, its part of the ritual. I     send my picks of pics to my best friend and we agree on which one is the best , because she has an understanding of what image i    desire to convey on my social media.

Selfies contribute and are one of the fundamentals of building a digital personality. They are fun, inclusive and exciting. But most of all they are art. Here's an activity we did in class and the perfect example of how timeless selfies can be by tying them into older art. #ThanksGoogle.

Signing off, Eni but first, Let me take a selfie


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