Alchemist Blog Week 7

GIFs however you pronounce them (gif, gif, I   choose simply to spell the phrase out in conversation, because its such a controversial topic) are, next to memes, the funniest internet phenomenon. Its more than a meme, but less than a video, creating the perfect medium to engage an attention span that may be shorter than most (like mine). GIFs are fun, to make and easy to communicate. They provide a little more context than a meme may and create a sort of inside joke between those who are familiar with the " culture of some content" For example:  the Tyra Banks GIF in my previous blog. If you don't watch America's Next Top Model, you may be unfamiliar with the reference. 
         The activity we worked on in class this week as Alchemists was definitely interesting and engaging. However, creating a GIF of your own can be very challenging but the end result was satisfactory. I   learned that GIFs are not only inclusive of video clips, but you can create a GIF from a picture alone. GIPHY makes it so easy , Tumblr also has a GIF maker tool in it thats even easier than GIPHY for customization. GIFs are a great , fun means of communication especially with text messages and social media sites.


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